About Us


The Schiel Family has always done things together as a family and this is another opportunity for us to have fun and create smiles on faces of young and old.

We made a decision to start the first adventure in September 2010 (Ice Cream) and the second adventure in May 2015 (Mini Donuts).  We need to thank our children for really stepping up to the plate and helping us with these new family adventures.  Both of our children are very ambitious and we are very proud of them. They have learned the value of business and I have no questions they are fully capable of running either business without our assistance.  And to my wife, my friend and partner, who always goes along with my extreme ideas with the Ice Cream Business .... again for the very successful Mini Donut Business.  We are blessed and it is time to give back where we can!  We hope you enjoy our businesses and hope you come back any time to visit us. 

We hope to see you soon!